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6 Effective Tips To Clean Your Room

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Cleaning your room is not a big deal. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes of your day. An untidy room can cause stress, anxiety and can disturb your quality sleeping time. On the other hand, a well tidy bedroom can encourage your restfulness and relaxation. A few simple home-keeping tips can change your bedroom into a more inviting and comfortable environment. 

A well tidy bedroom can help you to finish your daily life goals during quarantine, either it’s your school homework or office work. And you can work more efficiently and productively. You can listen to your favorite music or playlist, as it will overcome your boredom and help you to work more quickly.

You need to take care of your room, otherwise, it is going to soon turn into a storeroom where everything is not having a proper place and then things get messy. Nobody will ever like to enter that storeroom anymore.

Here are some 6 effective tips to clean your room.  

Tips To Clean Your Room By Not Getting Bored Anymore

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Step 1 Pick Up Dirty Trash

Start cleaning your room by simply picking up the dirty trash first, so that your room looks clean. Keep a small dustbin or wastebasket near or around your room, so that you can throw away waste material like wrappers, pages, and any other garbage in it. If your basket or dustbin gets filled then simply throw it away and keep it again. Keep your room clean with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a broom.

Step 2 Pick Up Dirty Clothes

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Now that you have cleared your room by removing all the dirty trash, The next step is picking up your dirty clothes and putting them aside. You can keep a small basket around your room, in which you can put your dirty clothes. It also gets easy for you to put your clothes in the washing machine instead of finding them here and there. Don’t throw away your clothes, socks, or anything else, here and there, and make a habit of keeping them in an organized manner. This is one of the amazing tips to clean your room

Step 3 Organize Your Wardrobe 

Now, the other step is to fold your clean clothes and put them in your cupboard in an organized manner. This process will only take a few minutes. After doing this, you will not have to struggle in choosing your outfits to wear the next day. You should follow this instruction regularly to get a better closet. Step 3 is going to prove as one of the best tips to clean your room. 

Step 4 Overcome Your Boredom

It’s the right time to clean your room off dust and stains of mud. But most of you take it as a boring task. To do it interestingly, you should play your favorite music and clean your room within a given deadline. This way will eventually overcome your boredom and will help you to clean your room more easily and quickly.

Step 5 Dusting Of Your Room 

After doing all the big tasks, now it’s time for dusting your room. First, take a clean cloth and wipe it on your table lamp, corners of your bed, windows, doors, or any other furniture. The clean and tidy bedroom can add up to the beauty of your bedroom which will definitely give you a peaceful vibe and will eventually make others feel better.  

Step 6 Make Your Bed

The first thing that you should do in the morning is to make your bed. A well tidy bed with organized pillows and bedsheets looks good and gives a soothing environment for studying or doing any type of work. You should brush off your bed sheet and tuck your blanket, then keep the pillows in an organized way, to get a neat, clean, and well tidy room.


The bedroom is the place from which your day starts and ends. A tidy room with all things organized and pile-free floors can overcome your stress and can bring happiness to your life. You can observe a positive change in your daily timetable with a well tidy room and all things organized.

If you follow these steps regularly, you surely will not feel any type of stress, anxiety, or delays in your work. It will also help you to do your work more productively.

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