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6 Useful Steam Cleaning Carpet Tips That Will Ease Your Work

steam cleaning carpet tips

Do you feel that you are wasting your money on carpet cleaning? If yes, read till the end.

The steam cleaners like carpet shampooers use high-temperature steam to break down the deep spots and stains.

You can save a lot of money by doing this at home using steam cleaners. But just be careful with them and read the instructions given in the guide before using them. Here are some useful steam cleaning carpet tips that will ease your work.

Why Is Steam Cleaning Preferred More Than Washing With Water

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No Chemicals Are Used

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Only the power of water and steam is used in steam cleaning. Thus, no harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritations and damage the clothes are required. Sometimes carpet shampooers use detergents also but they are not that much harmful.

Steam- A Natural Disinfectant

Because of high heat, steam cleaning kills more than 99 percent of germs and viruses without damage to the carpet.

Deep Cleansing

Steam can go deep in the carpet, on the corners, and crevices. Hence, can help in deep cleaning the carpet. Also, steam can remove the dried spots of glue, wax, paint, oils, etc.

Fast And Easy Drying

In steam cleaning, water is boiled at a high temperature for the cloth to dry very fast.

Steam Cleaning Carpet Tips- That You Must Remember

Removing All The Nearby Items

Before using a steam cleaner on the carpet, make sure that you have removed everything surrounding the carpet. Because high temperatures of steam may cause damage to your belongings. It becomes easy if your carpet is large as you need not move everything.

Vacuum First

You must use a vacuum cleaner before using a steam cleaner. Because steam can break the stains, kill the bacteria but it can not suck the dirt present in the carpet or remove the loose particles and hair on the carpet. So, you must first clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Use Pretreater On Stains And Fill the Tank

First, spray the Pretreater on the stains on the carpet so that they can be easily removed. Then fill the tank of the steam cleaner with hot water and detergents. Never directly fill the tank.

Switch It On And Start Cleaning

After filling the tank switch on the steamer and start cleaning. You must start from a particular corner and move backward so that you do not step on the carpet.

Make Sections And Steam Accordingly

It would become easy to clean if you make the sections of your carpet and cleanse accordingly. You should run your machine in line i.e. in a particular direction so that you do not again clean the area, you have cleaned before and not any area can be left from cleaning.

Dry Your Carpet And Maintain It Properly

After steaming, turn on fans to let it dry, before keeping the objects on it. Plus, this activity will ensure that your carpet does not get dirty again. After it is completely dry, keep your items on it and maintain them properly.


With all the above-given steam cleaning carpet tips, you can easily clean your carpet at home within your comfort level and budget.

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