Basic House Cleaning Checklist For Maid -

Basic House Cleaning Checklist For Maid

A kitchen with a sink and a mirror

You employ a specialist when you hire Maid. One of the hallmarks of the good maid is that you have a game plan to clean your house. A strategy which systematically and organized cleanses (while having the flexibility to incorporate your custom wishes).

But having a proper checklist you can hand out to your maid really helps in organizing the way you want your house to be cleaned. So, here’s some checklist. 

1.Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

A kitchen with a sink and a window

Wash countertops and armoires (start at immediate right of the stove).

Smooth face of equipment (refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher).

Stovetop wiping.

Clean microwave inside. Clean.

Drip bins and balls in the drain for a soak stove.

Clean indoors and outside sinks.

Mop floor and sweep (go light on cleaning product in the water to avoid build-up).

2.Bathroom Cleaning checklist

A large kitchen with an island in the middle of a room

Remove rugs and wastebaskets (if you haven’t already done so before vacuuming).

Let all out of the tub/shower.

Put a bath mat in the tub/shower.

Hot water was used to wet the tub/shower walls.

Enable tile and grout cleaner to rest for a few minutes.

Except for the toilet, vanity, shower/tub, and mirror, spray/clean all with all-purpose cleaner.

To prepare for floor washing, fill a bucket with 14 cup all-purpose cleaner and water.

Scrub the tub/shower walls and door while standing on the bath rug (use grout brush in-between tiles as needed).

Scrub the tub/shower floor with tile and grout cleaner.

Clean the wash rack and soap pots.

Clear the shower trail.

Rinse and rinse the tub/shower walls with a towel.

Vanity: in the sink, spray tile and grout cleaner.

Clean the wash rack and soap pots.

Clear the shower trail.

Rinse and rinse the tub/shower walls with a towel.

Spray tile and grout cleaner in sink and soap bowl.

3.Bedroom cleaning checklist

Return some furniture (chairs, diaper boxes, etc.) that you set up earlier to clean.

Make your room.

Straighten up.

Projects of note: If you want to organize your sock drawer? Fold the laundry and place it in the dresser? Do you put a mint on your pillow?

4.Window Cleaning

Wipe with newspapers by using a streak-free glass cleaner (do not overspray).

Use a professional-quality squeegee to clean big and difficult-to-reach windows.

Remove window screens from frames and rinse with an all-purpose cleaner combined with warm water.

Scrub each panel with a bristle cleaner, then rinse with an outdoor hose before reinstalling in the window to dry.


The checklist will assist you in remembering what you would clean each time you clean your home. A checklist also makes it simple to monitor which family members are doing a decent job on their household chores. It is critical to maintain a checklist of key items so that nothing important is missed while adjusting. You can find several of these checklists in printable spreadsheet too.

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