Carpet Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Carpets Looking New -

Carpet Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Carpets Looking New

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Sometimes, getting to lay carpets over your space’s floors is what brings that homely feeling . Carpets will be there for the long-term and only need to be vacuumed every week or so. You basically give your feet the comfort they deserve with carpets, as well as turn your house into a place you can call home.

Decking your floors in carpets brings a lot of benefits. They warm your feet during the summer, and the softness comforts your feet during the winter. In return, they only demand a weekly cleaning. Hence, we discuss carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpets looking new.

Use A Lint Roller For Stubborn Areas

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There may be some problematic areas you encounter while vacuuming your carpets. You keep vacuuming hard only to discover crumbs, hairs and other particles your vacuum can’t just seem to clean. This may be due to you owning long hair carpets of which the fibers just can’t be completely cleaned. What then is the solution?

Lint Roller to the rescue. The sooner you get a lint roller for those areas, the faster you get your carpets cleaned. It will take around five minutes or so. Just apply some elbow grease to the areas and keep vacuuming until you’re sure you’ve gathered all the unwanted particles.

Use An Iron To Remove Stubborn Stains

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There are various hacks to tackling stubborn stains, but this has proven to be one of the most common. You firstly have to vacuum the area to get rid of the solid particles and leave you with just the stain. Then, have a mixture of water and vinegar (of more water than vinegar) at hand. Treat the stained areas with this mixture and give it enough time to seep through the stains.

You should then lay a towel over the affected area, and place an iron on the towel. The pressure you apply and the heat provided by the iron make the stains get absorbed by the towel. You are then left with a stainless area.

Blot Stains Rather Than Rub Away

It’s human nature to rub stains away. This may however prove disastrous when dealing with carpets. Rubbing the stains may work the stains further into the fabric, rather than remove them. You’ll then be left with an area with unremovable stains.

Instead, learn to blot stains away. By blotting, you apply pressure to the area which gives you a higher chance of the stain being absorbed than rubbing away at them.


Getting carpets for your floors can prove to be extremely beneficial. Your space feels more homely, and your feet get to thank you. However, you need some tips to effectively clean the carpets. We therefore discuss carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpets looking new.

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