Carpet Extractor - Easy Carpet Stain Removal -

Carpet Extractor – Easy Carpet Stain Removal

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Cleaning a car carpet involves several steps. Carpets are porous, so follow these easy tips to keep them looking great. Keep in mind that the longer you let dirt and spills sink into the fibers of your carpet, the more difficult it will be to clean them up. Here are cleaning tips for your car’s carpet.

Choosing The Right Cleaning Solution

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The most important part of cleaning car carpets involves finding the right cleaning solution. There are two types of cleaning solutions: wet and dry. For wet cleaning, use warm water and a mild detergent, such as Cetra or Liquid Plush. When shampooing the rug with shampoo, make sure you do not use too much shampoo to avoid build-up on the carpet. Instead, gently scrub the entire floor using circular movements to remove dirt and grime from deep in the fibers.

How Is Dry Cleaning Done?

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Dry cleaning involves applying a cleaning agent, such as any carpet cleaning spray, to the car upholstery. Before using a cleaning agent, lay down a paper towel on the surface of the car upholstery to allow the solution time to soak in. If you have a steam cleaner, apply the cleaning agent to a rag and then run the steam cleaner over the paper towel to mix the chemicals. This is the best auto detailing carpet extractor for stubborn stains. Dry cleaning removes the stain from deeper in the fibers.

If a single spot appears to be more stubborn than others, work on a product that consists of either baking soda or paint thinner onto the affected area. These products work equally well on light and dark stains. For the best effect, mix equal parts of each product. Then apply them to the stains individually. To remove a stubborn stain, repeat this process until no more paint thinner or baking soda remains.

What Are Suction-Driven Models?

Suction-driven models are usually recommended to keep your upholstery clean and prolong its life. However, if you happen to have a fabric-covered sofa, you might need to use a suction-mounted carpet extractor. Suction-driven models work by pushing the dirty water out while sucking up the dirt and grime with suction. Dry cleaning is the best way to eliminate dirt and soil from fabric-covered sofas, rugs, and other items that don’t come out easily using the suction-driven versions of these products.

Final Thoughts

When you purchase a carpet extractor for cleaning your carpets at home, make sure you get one with small drum widths to prevent wasting the product. You also need to make sure it has a stainless steel or chrome-plated rotating hook that can pick up and trap even very small amounts of dirt and debris.

These accessories are not only designed to be easy to use but they’re designed to keep debris out of your machine and help you avoid wasting any cleaning fluid or time during the cleaning process. A small carpet extractor with a rotating hook is an essential accessory to have for your home if you want to get rid of stains quickly and efficiently.

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