Cleaning Tips For Windows - How To Keep The Place Neat -

Cleaning Tips For Windows – How To Keep The Place Neat

Cleaning Tips for Windows

Naturally, a person would want the windows to be clean and spotless as the day it was bought. Clean windows give a clearer picture of the view outside, making the people more connected to the outdoor places. But it can be a tricky job to clean the windows and help with the cleaning this article describes some cleaning tips for windows.

Cleaning Tips For Windows From The Inside

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While it may be difficult to clean the windows properly, avoiding the pitfalls of scratching and streaking. Following are some cleaning tips for windows that would help clean the windows from the inside like a professional without having to pay the fees: –

In a bucket, add a few drops of liquid soap. To that bucket, add a pot full of clean, cool water.

At the bottom of the window, place a towel that would catch any drops of water spilled. Along with the glass, wash the frame and use a microfiber cloth to start from the top of the glass to the bottom.

This cleaning should be done on both insides as well as the outside.

One way to clean the windows is by adding one capful of ammonia in two gallons of water, and the other is by adding vinegar in water.

Spray the solution on the window and clean accordingly.

Cleaning Tips For Windows From The Outside

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The best time to clean the windows is during a cloudy, cool day. Cleaning on this day would prevent the solution and the soapy water from drying on the windows. Following are some cleaning tips for windows that would help clean the windows from the outside: –

Start the cleaning process by rinsing the windows and in a bucket fill some water with dish soap.

If the windows are at height, then place a microfiber cloth on a pole. Dip the microfiber cloth inside a vinegar-water solution and then wash the windows.

For stains that wouldn’t clean easily, like bird droppings, you should pour some water on the stain and leave for a few minutes. Then wash with fiber cloth and rinse it.

The Donts About Cleaning The Window

What not to do while cleaning the windows have been given below.

Never use a scrapper unless the stains are hard to wash.

Never use newspaper, always use a microfiber cloth.

Using a towel would leave particles behind that would be bad to look at.


Cleaning the windows may look easy, but it isn’t. using the correct method will give optimum results, whereas it will be the most frustrating chores to complete if not done correctly. Cleaning a window is a very satisfying job if done correctly. Using the correct method saves a lot of time and also makes the windows look very sparkly. When you are about to clean your window, make sure you have all the Essentials by your side so that you don’t get annoyed during the process. Have some music on and enjoy cleaning the window. Also, if you are going to clean it, start in the morning so that when the sunshine comes in, you will feel bliss.

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