Stanley Steemer Floor Cleaning Service – A Quick Review

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Stanley Steemer is a professional floor cleaning service for homes and businesses. Stanley Steemer is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and it is the first carpet cleaning service to get this certificate. It means it makes your house free of allergies that can be problematic if you have Asthma.

Procedure To Order Their Service

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When you want to call Stanley Steemer to clean your carpet, hardwood, tiles, upholstery, or air ducts, schedule your appointment at a time that is convenient for you. Before they arrive at your location, they ask you to move lamps and delicate items off the tabletops and pick up any loose items off the floors that need to be cleaned. They also ask you to secure any animals that you have so they don’t get out. 

They check the background of their technicians to be sure of your safety and security. Before they start cleaning, they ask you about what parts of your house need to be cleaned and anything else that you want to mention specifically. They will also explain their cleaning process to you and will discuss any problems that need extra attention. They even check to make sure that their van is parked in a place that you and your neighbors approved.

The Cleaning Process

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Once they inspect the areas that are needed to be clean, they place corner guards to protect walls and baseboards. They also hang door seals to keep the outdoor elements from entering your home. Then, they carefully move the furniture, so the entire room can be cleaned. After that, they start the cleaning. 

Once they set up their equipment, the first thing they do is to thoroughly vacuum all the carpeted areas. It removes a lot of allergens, pollutants, and dirt from the carpet. Then, they use their proprietary hartley cleaning solutions that help to break the surface tension and dislodge other dirt materials that are embedded within the carpet. 

After that, they rinse the carpet using the hot water extraction method that thoroughly rinses the dirt and allergies from the carpet and they extract all that dirty material to their truck using a wide pipe.

A lot of dirt gets embedded inside your carpet as well as things like dirty spots, drink spills, and people tracking certain things from outside. They make sure that it all gets cleaned.

Carpet isn’t the only type of flooring that they clean, they clean your tiles as well. Grout lines are very porous, so they absorb a lot of dirt, grime, spills, etc. They use high-pressure water and a constant vacuum to thoroughly wash the tiles. They can even add sealants and decorative stans to make your floor look good as a new one. Apart from carpet and tiles, they can clean your air ducts and HVAC unit as well.


Stanley Steemer’s service makes your house clean by using their vacuum equipment and hand cleaning methods. They can make your house look clean as a new house.

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