The 5 Best House Cleaning Services in New York City

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Looking for a reliable and affordable house cleaning service in New York City? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 5 best house cleaning services in the city. All of these companies are reputable and offer excellent service. So whether you need your home cleaned regularly or just once in a while, one of these businesses will be perfect for you!

Here are the 5 best house cleaning services in New York City:

1) DLL Cleaning Services

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The company offers three levels of service: standard cleaning, deep cleanings, and move-in/move-out services for apartments or homes. The first level entails dusting the furniture while vacuuming carpets; next, they’ll mop floors with soap suds ending at least once every day depending on how big your space is–and if you want us there too we can do all sorts of things like disinfecting kitchen countertops (including dishwashers) plus scrub bathrooms both inside & out!

2) Onedesk Commercial Cleaning

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Onedesk Commercial Cleaning is a cleaning service provider that specializes in New York City. They have experienced professional cleaners who perform monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly housekeeping for their customers’ houses depending on what type of contract they enter into with the client as well as being able to provide move-in/out services too! In addition, there’s post-construction cleanup which means no more dirty dishes left behind after you’ve moved out.

3) A Plus TR Cleaning Service, Inc

The team at A Plus TR Cleaning is committed to providing you with the best cleaning in New York City. Whether it’s window washing, dust removal or carpets cared for; they’ll make sure your home looks its absolute finest! With over 25 years of experience under their belts – not only do they provide quality work but also go that extra mile by using eco-friendly products which protect both the environment AND YOUR Family’s health.

4) BA Cleaning Services Etc.

The BA Cleaning Services Etc. is a New York City Metro company that specializes in cleaning and organizing homes, offices, or business spaces with their small team of experienced professionals who are licensed by the state authorities. They always prioritize working without intrusion on client’s life while they work efficiently to make sure all surfaces get cleaned properly from windows washing up inside & outside plus general decluttering around your property before arriving at the scheduled time which sets them apart from other companies as most people don’t want you coming into their house when it’s messy due to late night.

5) Cleaning Master

Cleaning Master is a company that offers various cleaning services for properties all over New York City. They specialize in particular types of properties, such as apartments and hotels but they also clean homes with deep projects too! Their team uses environmentally friendly supplies made by EPA-registered companies so you can be sure your house will look brand spanking new again after their visit; not only does it remove dirt from typical surfaces like tabletops or window sills (which might come along when kids go through them), we’re talking about restoring lost shine to hardwood floors – which may have seen better days before this treatment–and making kitchen cabinets pop right off the wall thanks to our special coatings process


No matter which house cleaning service you choose in New York City, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality and professional clean. These businesses are all reputable and offer excellent services. So whether you need your home cleaned regularly or just once in a while, one of these businesses will be perfect for you!

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