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Which Are The Different Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Spokane 

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Carpet Cleaning in Spokane is provided by some of the most professional companies in the country. Carpet Cleaning offers regular inspections and a pre-inspection before cleaning in Spokane. A carpet cleaning inspection covers more than just smells. The hot water extraction method is the most preferred way to give a deep clean, as it also removes pet odor from the carpet. Colorless lasers also help detect microscopic things such as pet urine which are deposited deep in the carpet.

Dry Carpet Drying 

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A simple carpet cleaning process is when the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly. Then, the carpet is laid out to dry, usually on a firm surface, such as a garage floor. Next, a light spray of liquid is released from a spray gun, and the carpet is allowed to dry. Once the rug is completely dry, a new piece of carpet can be installed in its place. Some carpets cannot withstand this heavy dry treatment.

Wet Carpet Drying 

The third method is the wet method. In this process, heavy-duty machinery is used. A carpet cleaning company or a dry cleaner drops the carpet with a substance that seeps into the carpet and loosens dirt and grime. This is done repeatedly until all dirt is removed. Each machine has a different amount of dirt it can handle.

Vacuum Deodorizer Steam Cleaning 

Vacuum Deodorizer Steam cleaning is the second method used in Spokane. A deodorizing solution is injected into the carpet through a tube. Afterward, the cleaning machines blast it all out of the rug. Steam cleaners also use steam in addition to oil, detergents, and chemicals.

Dry Carpet Drying 

This method is the reverse of the vacuuming method. This means that instead of a cleaning solution being injected into the carpet, an extraction solvent is used. Extraction solvents remove dirt and stains without adding anything to the carpet. It is the perfect method for carpet cleaning in Spokane, Washington.

Mold Inspection

Mold testing is something that carpet cleaners in Spokane do routinely. They test a carpet by looking at it under a microscope to determine if it has been infected with mold or mildew. If it is found to contain mold or mildew, it is treated using one of the above techniques. If it is clean, then it is returned to the store. However, it is essential to know that a carpet can never be completely mold-free unless wholly dried.

Spot Removal 

A spot is a small blemish on a carpet, but it can create a much bigger problem. To prepare a carpet for spot removal, a carpet cleaner in Spokane will use hot water and a spot remover. The spot remover will loosen dirt deep down in the carpet and open up the carpet by breaking up the spot.

Final Thoughts

With the help of a quality carpet cleaning equipment salesman, you should be able to find a machine that will work perfectly for your home. However, do not allow yourself to be rushed into selecting one that does not suit your requirements. It is essential that you get the best cleaning possible and that your carpet remains as hygienic and beautiful as possible. A visit to a local carpet cleaner in Spokane is a good idea to start your search.

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