Why You Should Get Rid of Your Old Area Rugs

area rug cleaning near me

Area Rug Cleaning near Me is my Guaranteed Satisfaction & it’s been that way for the last six years. I’ve tried all sorts of cleaning solutions – from Vicks to Liquid Nail and the carpet cleaning products you see in stores everywhere. None of them gives near Me the same kind of satisfaction guarantee.

What do you do when your rug cleaning near Me turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth? How do you resolve a problem like this without going broke doing it? Most people just give up – but I prefer to keep my carpets looking nice rather than putting a hole in my wallet. The area rugs at my house have been through a lot of wear and tear in recent years, so I’ve always been able to find the right solution to restore them to their former glory. And no, I don’t have carpets!

What if you’re like me and don’t want to throw away all those lovely rugs that have served their purpose so well for so long? I would suggest you do, especially if you’re considering modern area rugs. These carpets can look like new after a professional steam cleaning session – which is by far the most cost effective method of cleaning available today. Here’s why:

Modern Area Rug Cleaning Services

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First, let’s look at the mechanics of modern area rug cleaning services. When I call a cleaning service, I simply tell them my location and they figure out how to schedule a date and time for the job. Then they send one of their technicians or rugs down to my house to do the job. I never have to pick-up the unit or even see it during the visit. Instead, the technician goes right over and undresses the unit. Once he’s finished, he drops it off and I never have to worry about a thing.

The same can’t be said for free estimates offered by companies in my area. Sure, they may send a technician down to your home to do the job, but once that job is done, you still have to pick-up the unit and potentially pay more than you would if I called a cleaning service to come out and do the work myself. Plus, what if I’m not impressed with the final results? How am I supposed to know that the company I’ve hired offers a satisfaction guarantee because they didn’t do a good job?


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In addition to offering no hassle, free estimates, and a satisfaction guarantee, rug cleaning companies that specialize in this field also offer durability and convenience. They typically have their own repair shop or they can even rent a facility on the property to do repairs. If they’re able to do repairs on the unit without further damaging it, you don’t have to worry about hiring a new unit when the current one needs to be replaced. You can simply call the cleaning service company back to offer the repairs for no extra charge.

In addition to these benefits, many companies also offer services for both steam cleaning and dry cleaning. While steam cleaning has long been a preferred method of cleaning, dry cleaning methods have been steadily growing in popularity. These services eliminate the need to use chemicals on your area rugs and other floor coverings. These methods are also gentler on your carpet and flooring.

Final Words

Rug cleaning services offered by companies in my area range from fairly inexpensive to quite costly. The cost of services depends heavily upon the size and complexity of the task. In most cases, smaller jobs can be handled for free. But if you have a larger area rug cleaning job, you should expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for the total job. Always check with the cleaners for their exact prices prior to scheduling an appointment.

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